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Donald Grover

Thank you for taking an interest in my web resume. Currently, I am interested in potential web development projects that will advance my growing technical skill-set and deepen my experience as a project manager. I have a great balance between technical skills, business experience, and a team oriented management style.

Playing professional hockey for 6 years gave me the freedom to explore some great business ventures. I have experience in non-profit organizations, guiding the direction of sports specific software products, and even running a franchised fireworks stand. The professional experience tab on my resume illustrates all these business ventures in more detail.

I have a strong balance of technical knowledge built on my electrical engineering degree and lifetime interest in computers. For the past 6 years, I have focused on web development. Freelancing for a few companies and ultimately starting my own web design business has forced me to learn various aspects of web development. For more information on my web development skills please see the computer skills section of my web resume.

I am a very driven and hard working individual. At Northeastern University, I received a BS in Electrical Engineering. This achievement gave me the status of being the only Varsity Hockey player to ever graduate with an engineering degree. The rigorous schedule of hockey and engineering that I have endured is a great accomplishment in my life. I feel that combination shows my hard work, organization, and ability to learn very quickly.

Please take a look further into my web resume and contact me with any questions or to set-up a meeting. Thank you very much for your time.

            -Donald Grover

For References or Opportunities Please Email Me at Donny@DynamicWebResume.com

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